Create Disneyland Visit Video


Creating professionally edited videos with a fully automated online video editor is easy. You do not need to download or install any software AidVid is online and ready to be used from your browser. You do not need to learn any complex editor interface/skill just to find this to be outdated next time you will use it with AidVid you simply select your video footage files and let our AI do the rest! Aidvid finds and combines the best moments in the perfectly edited video in just a single click!

Pros of using AidVid - fully automated online video editor:

  • No Installation required
  • Hassle-free. No complex video editor interface knowledge/skill required
  • Efficient time-saver. You do not need to review hours of footage, select shots or edit them
  • Create short highlight videos for social media or long versions by simly setting desired duration time
  • Low-resolution video is FREE, only pay for the results if you are satisfied with the final product.

Video created automatically from GoPro footage shot in Disneyland Paris: 136 files, 36GB, 120min