Create Video in single click

Create professionally edited videos with fully automated online video editor. Simply select your video footage files and let our AI do the rest! AidVid finds and combines the best moments in the perfectly edited video in just a single click!

Turn Your footage into a stunning highlight reel

Corfu, Greece

Video generated automatically for vacation to Greek island Corfu from footage consisting of 130 files (97GB, 240min)

Discovering Andorra

Creating video for skiing vacation in Andorra. Video created in fully automated online video editor from GoPro / DJI Mavic drone footage (162 files, 134GB, 280min)

Norway Hiking

Create videos effortlessly in one click. This Norway's stunning landscapes in this mesmerizing video created from 180 files (79GB, 200min) using an AI-driven online editor

Sharm El-Sheikh, Petra

Create your vacation video easily. Aidvid will find and combine best memories in perfectly edited video! Vacation in Egypt, GoPro footage: 195 files, 96GB, 230min

Neringa, Curonian Spit

Edit Videos by artificial intelligence in just one click. This Narrow sand dune that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea video created from GoPro/Karma Grip footage: 45 files, 30GB, 70min

Dolomiti Superski

Create edited ski vacation video synced to the music in one click by providing video files and just selecting music, Aidvid will find and combine best memories in perfectly edited video from footage: 65 files, 57GB, 145min

Iceland Hiking

Video created automatically by AI from raw footage shot with DJI Mavic drone: 60 files, 29Gb, 65min. Hiking in Iceland offers stunning landscapes, unique geology, and most iconic natural wonders create stunning recaps easily.

Kayaking at VokÄ—.

Create epic videos with music fully automatically. Check this Kayaking with kids vide created from GoPro footage: 35 files, 5GB, 20min

Greece Rodes

Video made automatically from raw footage shot with DJI Mavic drone: 17Gb, 30min, 40 files. Stunning natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture of Greece.

Magical Disneyland Paris

Video generated automatically from raw footage shot with GoPro: 136 files, 36GB, 120min. Magical and unforgettable experience for people of all ages this Disneayland recap.

Skiing Sellaronda

Video generated 100% automatically for Dolomiti Superski, Italy vacation in just one click from: 54 files, 87GB, 220min

How Does Aidvid Work ?

Footage Analysis

Aidvid estimates how beautiful and aesthetically pleasant your footage is. It understands camera movement identifies content, people, emotions and other visual aspects to find best scenes.

Music Analysis

Aidvid will analyze music to understand its mood and pace to be able to select fitting content and put it in a pace that resonates with music you provide.

Create Script

Aidvid will think of hundreds of thousands of possible scripts looking for the best one.

Create Video

Finaly Aidvid will put everything together adding captions, locations, transitions, doing color correction and color grading to generate ready to view video.


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